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English menu

Gørdinglunds Kitchen offers various dishes which, however, must be ordered in advance no later than 10 am on the day of arrival and preferably earlier.
Dishes are cold served
Fish fillet in a luxury bread arrangement -  DKK 45

Homemade croissant with homemade shrimp salad or chicken salad - DKK 35

3 Tartlets with chicken filling - DKK 35

Fish burger with 2 fish fillets, shrimps, smoked salmon, asparagus and homemade dressing - DKK 65

Lunch plate minimum 2 pers - DKK 135 per person
Eggs and prawns - roasted pork belly with homemade red cabbage - roast beef with homemade remoulade (topping), roasted onions and pickles - smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and asparagus - fish fillet with homemade remoulade - french cheese with pickled nuts and grapes, bread and butter.

Tapas plate - minimum 2 pers - DKK 145 per person
Chorizo sausage, parma ham, bresaola rolls, crystal cheese, chili gouda, dates with bacon, kalamon olives, semi-dried tomatoes, salt almonds, grapes, chocolate branches, aioli, pesto, biscuits and flutes.
Danish traditional smørrebrød (brown bread with lots of topping):
Always freshly prepared from fresh ingredients.

Traditional - DKK 28 per piece:
Eggs and shrimps
Pork belly roast with homemade red cabbage and pickled cucumbers
Roast beef with homemade remoulade, roasted onions and pickled cucumbers
Italian sausage with fried eggs and onions
Roll sausage with pudding and onion
Smoked and cocked pork belly back with Italian salad
Fish fillet with homemade remoulade and lemon
White bread with cheese, pudding and onion
Liver pate with beetroot and bacon
Herring fish with curry salad and onions
Cheese with fat, pudding and onion - on white bread

Luxury Smørrebrød - DKK 38 per piece:
Potato with truffle mayo, bacon crunch and pickled red onions
Salmon salad with seaweed smeared with horseradish salad and fennel
Sliced veal liver with soft onions, beets and bacon
Ham salad
Beef breast with horseradish salad
Tuna salad with pickled red onions
Fried cod roe with homemade remoulade
White bread with shrimp and salad
Vegetarian smørrebrød with avocado, tomato and semi cooked fried eggs

Gørdinglunds Kitchen
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